Dreaded Shopping

March 22, 2010

The reason I named this blog Figure Finder is because I don’t actually know what my “figure” looks like. Since I’ve been an adult I have never seen my hip bones, collar bones, knee caps etc. My goal isn’t to get so thin that these aforementioned parts are necessarily visible, but I am interested in seeing what my body will actually look like.

One of the most exciting aspects of losing weight is buying new clothes–but any college girl knows this isn’t cheap and can be awfully frustrating.

I just bought a new pair of jeans two weeks ago for $60 and they are already gapping at the waist. Pants seem to present this dilemma most for me because I carry my weight in my thighs, hips and butt–I am very pair-shaped. Since I can’t afford to buy new jeans every two weeks I have discovered the perfect transitional clothing: knit dresses.

Yesterday I picked up two knit dressed with a slight stretch from Target for $15 each. I bought one in an L and another in M–same color. They feature an empire waist, which emphasizes the smallest part of my body, and sort of hides everything else. Dresses are also great because they aren’t going to stop fitting because you gained some water weight due to “that time of the month” and even when they start to get loose, they won’t fall down!

If I get some time this evening, I’ll have one of my roommates take a picture.

I think it’s really important to reward yourself with a few pieces of new clothing any time you make progress. It is hard to stay motivated when you look in the mirror and your new smaller body is hidden inside clothes that are way too big. I also think it’s really important to get rid of clothes that no longer fit. Whether you sell them or give them to charity, having them available in your closet allows you to think in the back of your mind that they’ll always fit if you gain the weight back. This might not even be a conscious thought, but once you get rid of the big clothes you can’t go back to wearing them. Plus, this act can be quite cathartic.

In my area there is a plus-size clothing shop that takes consignments. I also sell some of my clothes to Buffalo Exchange, but they tend to avoid sizes larger than 18. I have also sold some clothes–like business clothes through Craigslist.

So, to summarize this post:

Dresses+, Jeans-, Get rid of clothes when they get too big+, Buy yourself something nice+


3 Responses to “Dreaded Shopping”

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  3. […] Over the weekend I found myself feeling better (after last week’s brush with death) and with some time to kill, so I decided to try my luck shopping. Now, I’ve posted about shopping many many times before, and would like to again reiterate that buying yourself new clothes while losing weight is very important. It’s very exciting to put on your jeans and find that you have extra room, but if you keep wearing clothes that are too big you start to feel frumpy and actually hide the progress you’ve made. Side note: pants are effing expensive and also impractical if you’re body is in a constant state of flux. […]

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