Measurement Monday

March 22, 2010


Since I don’t weight myself, I wanted to find a way to track my progress. It’s often hard to notice results when you look at your beautiful face in the mirror every single day. Luckily, I found this chart from I only allow myself to measure once a week because I tend to get a little obsessed with the numbers (which is exactly why I don’t weigh myself). I have already lost about six inches off my waist, and about 20 inches off my body total, but since this blog is new, and it’s Monday, I figured I’d just start by posting today’s measurements after the jump.

  • Waist: 40″
  • Hips: 48″
  • Bust: 44″
  • Thigh: 32″ (wish this was my waist size)!
  • Calf: 20″
  • Upper Arm: 14″

2 Responses to “Measurement Monday”

  1. […] due to exciting things, which I’ll mention in my next post. My hips are now officially the size my waist was when I first started this […]

  2. […] sized calves into boots for the winter. I’ve never been able to purchase boots before as my calves when I started this blog were 22″ and about 24″ when I started losing weight. Regular boots tend to have a 16″ opening […]

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