Playas Gon Play

April 12, 2010

PhotobucketThis post is all about cheating. For some reason R&B songs seem to fit well with this theme (See: Confession by Usher, and Playas Gon Play by 3LW). This weekend was a rough one for me. I know I’ve talked about loss of motivation and drinking in the past, but cheating specifically is not something I have really covered yet. Mostly because I am really good about sticking to my diet and this weekend is the first time I’ve cheated since I’ve had this blog. One of the reasons I started writing about my weight loss journey is to keep myself accountable, so these are my confessions… (and some tips, too).

Friday I went on a date and decided I was going to cheat and let myself have a burrito. I ❤ burritos and Mexican food in general–which I had abstained from since early December. The burrito was delicious and I only ate half of it. The other half I gave to some street kid asking for money, so that was good. That night I imbibed some tequila, which isn’t horrible, but it does stall weight loss and definitely causes me to retain water.

Saturday I went out with a coworker and had some gin. I ended up eating a wrap sandwich, which aside from the wrap, was actually not that bad, but my drunken self also ate some deep-fried cheese curds (very similar to mozzarella sticks).

Sunday. Bean burrito. Yeah.

Today I am feeling pretty horrible. It’s hard when you cheat to return back to your regular eating habits. Feelings of guilt and stepping backwards can be crippling. Not only do I feel bad emotionally about my eating behavior this weekend, but I also feel bad physically because my body isn’t used to digesting this crap. I definitely think it’s important to let yourself indulge once-in-a-while. But, if you choose to eat something you’re not supposed to, do not allow it to be an excuse to eat freely for the rest of the weekend, or even the day. I will be rowing this evening and eating a lot of protein this week to make up for my poor choices. Hopefully this is a set back I will learn from without having to repeat.


2 Responses to “Playas Gon Play”

  1. Nixy Says:

    I am proud of you for working so hard and doing so well on your dieting. One weekend setback isn’t the end of the world. Nice reference to Usher, btw. 🙂

  2. Principal Says:

    Pretty soon I want to come row at your house.

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