Pencil Skirts and Ass

April 16, 2010

PhotobucketI had a job interview yesterday and as the title suggests I had to go shopping for appropriate clothing. I’ve been wearing size 20 pants for the last two months and since they’re a little loose, I figured I’d just hit up Target and try size 18 or 16 to see where I stand. The verdict: my waist is a size 16, my ass. is. not. I would’ve taken a picture in the dressing room if it were socially appropriate to post on this blog. It was quite a hilarious sight. Clasped at the waist, this skirt looked perfect from the front and side, no muffin top, not too tight in the legs, but when I turned around my ass was popping out of the zipper like freshly baked buns (pun and imagery intended).

I ended up going with a dress, but I wanted to share this experience for a few reasons:

  • I used to never try things on because I was ashamed of the size I had to grab in a store. I realize that I am becoming more comfortable with my body and who I am right now, and it feels fantastic.
  • It’s okay to not fit into something. I realized that I wasn’t a failure for not fitting into a skirt, but instead just have a “generous behind”, as my significant other so lovingly calls it, and I am proud of my curves.
  • I’m happy to find hilarity in such a situation.

    I don’t know if I got the job or not. I’ve also got an opportunity to study Spanish in Mexico this summer if the career thing doesn’t pan out–but that’s a different post. I’ll keep you updated.


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