¡Voy a México!

April 22, 2010

PhotobucketI have made one of the bigger decisions of my life: I am going to study abroad in Querétaro, México this summer. Aside from this being my personal blog, I am posting because my “dietary habits” aren’t exactly the norm down there, and this is definitely going to be an issue I am going to have to approach carefully.

On all of my study-abroad documents I have made it clear that I cannot eat flour, but I think I am going to have to reintroduce beans and rice (even in the smallest of portions) back into my life. I also am going to need to change my exercising habits if I wish to maintain or even progress my weight loss.

As I’ve mentioned before, I primarily walk and row for exercise currently. Obviously, I won’t be taking my rowing machine with me, but I will be able to walk quite a bit. I do feel that walking is not nearly as much of a physical challenge as it used to be for me. As scary as it is, I think I may start running (these are words I NEVER thought I would utter). It seems like the easiest way to get my heart-rate up and the only equipment I’ll need to pack is a pair of running shoes. I suppose this is a natural progression people make: walking to running, but it’s scary none-the-less. I’ll keep updating on my dietary concerns and this running nonsense, but I AM SOOOOO EXCITED! Mexico: be warned.


2 Responses to “¡Voy a México!”

  1. Tony Says:

    I’m so excited that you are going to Mexico this summer! SO excited!
    I’ve travelled out of the country (not counting Canada) twice and each time I noticed I lost weight in a healthy way. The first time I lost about 25 pounds in England. I was about 50lbs heavier back then. The weight loss had to be from the constant traveling and exploring the areas around you, by foot or even by vehicle. Either way, there’s more excitement and energy to move around and get excited in the scenery, people, and food than before. And it all took the focus from eating to be satisfied for me. Even exploring the food is different; I ate appropriately sized meals of excellent food (not so much the case in England, hahaha) because somehow my body knew to stop when it should. I think it knew to stop because I was excited about the things around me and not so much getting that really full feeling in my stomach. And it was the first time I learned to eat meals on a regular basis, at regular times.

    When do you leave!?!?!

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