The Road to Running

April 24, 2010

PhotobucketAs I mentioned previously, I have been very sick this week, so I’ve had to take it pretty easy on the exercise front. However, I am still moving toward my goal of being able to run regularly by the time I’m studying abroad in Mexico. I recently ventured over to the Nike Store and picked-up some Lunar Glide shoes. This morning is the first time I’m taking them out, so I’ll report back with a review. I plan on doing some simple jogging (or yogging, it might be a soft “j”)* in intervals, but mostly walking. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to jog a full mile by early May.

*Anchor Man reference. If you didn’t get that you probably shouldn’t be reading this blog.


One Response to “The Road to Running”

  1. […] March I started running and purchased a pair of Nike Lunar Glide shoes. Both forunately, and unfortunately, my feet have […]

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