The Road to Running II

April 25, 2010

PhotobucketThe course I’ve chosen to train on is about five miles total. Yesterday’s workout wasn’t horrible, but it’s definitely not an easy feat. On the way to the track I have to traverse a hill (about a mile). Did three miles at a bark track (1.2 of them I ran) and then the same hill/mile back. I ran intervals yesterday (100 meters walking, 100 meters jogging). Today I am hoping to try and do a continuous mile at a slow, steady pace with a mile cool down. It’s a mile less in distance, but I’m mostly trying to get my lungs in shape right now–my legs could use a break.

As for the shoes, they are awesome. I have a wide foot and in my experience women’s Nikes have never fit well. These shoes, however, are extremely supportive and light. I am excited to keep using them and see how they hold up.


2 Responses to “The Road to Running II”

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  2. […] Sure, I’m familiar with intervals, that’s how I started running in the first place. I’d walk to warm up, jog for a few minutes, walk to catch my breath, rinse and repeat. But, jog to faster jog intervals you say? […]

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