Serious Supplements

April 26, 2010

PhotobucketNow that I’ve started running, I’ve also started taking some supplements. I have arthritis in my fingers (yes I’m only 23, but I craft really hard)* and noticed that in the past when I have tried to take up moderate impact activities, like running, my hips and knees tend to hurt. I bought some generic Osteo Bi-Flex, which is glucosamine and chondroitin. This product is for old people (I know this because they only seem to advertise during The Price is Right), but it seems to be working thus far.

I also started taking potassium pills. I really enjoy eating bananas pre- and post-workout because, well, I like bananas, but also because potassium helps relieve muscles of lactic acid, which is what makes them sore post-workout. Unfortunately, bananas are riddled with carbs, and I simply cannot get the results I want eating two bananas a day.

Lastly, I have been taking a caffeine pill about 30-minutes before my workouts. I don’t really consume caffeine in other forms–like coffee. It might be in my head, but taking caffeine seems to help me breathe better, and it gives me just a little boost of energy to motivate me to get up and do something.

The only thing I’m not taking that I probably should is a multi-vitamin. The last time I took them regularly I got stomach-aches every single day for hours. So, I’m going to be selective in looking for a good one.

*If you enjoy crafting too, please check out this video by Leslie and the Lys…


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