Goals & Rewards

April 28, 2010

Photobucket I recently had a conversation about delay of gratification, goal setting and rewards. These things are generally important in life, but are very important when losing weight.

With this on my mind I’ve noticed two things about myself. The first being that I rarely delay gratification–if I want something, I get it right away. The second: I generally choose to overlook my personal accomplishments and do not take time to reward myself or appreciate my progress.

I don’t know why it took me so long to address this, but I am definitely making it a point to delay gratification by allowing myself to get the things I want, however, only when I have accomplished a goal–in this way I will be rewarding myself.

Appreciating the progress you make, even the smallest things, is really important. I’ve lost almost 50lbs, and I haven’t really given myself a pat on the back or anything. For some reason I sort of feel like I don’t deserve to reward myself yet, because I still have so much left to accomplish. This is definitely a dangerous outlook to have, and I am shocked that I have been viewing things this way.

In a future post I will share my goals and rewards with you, I just need to take time to establish them first. I will also make a post about rewarding yourself with food, and how difficult that can be. Stay tuned!


One Response to “Goals & Rewards”

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