Measurement Monday

May 31, 2010

PhotobucketWell, blog world, I have been neglecting you and for that I apologize. I am currently in the middle of dead week, which on most college campuses means a week of studying and not doing much else. Unfortunately, for the University of Oregon this means there are a ton of assignments due this week, and exams next week. I did measure myself on Monday, even though I am posting this on Thursday (hooray for backdating, internet magic), and my measurements are the same as the week before. The awesome news, though, is that I went shopping for shorts and a dress and I am a solid size 16 at every store I went to. I was a size 24 six months ago, so that is quite a bit of progress. Anyway, onto the measurements!

  • Waist: 38″
  • Hips: 45.5″
  • Bust: 43″
  • Thigh: 31″
  • Calf: 19″
  • Upper Arm: 13.5″

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