Faster Than the Speed of Love

June 7, 2010

My life is moving rather quickly at the moment, I feel a list is in order:

  1. Spring Term concludes June 11th
  2. Shakespeare in Ashland, OR June 14th-20th
  3. Flying to Mexico June 26th
  4. Graduation August 14th

Nick, myself and Kirista June 5th, 2010

The rest of my life is just sort of happening on what seems to be auto-pilot right now. One thing I did this term that was really beneficial was seeking therapy. Granted, this isn’t the kind of therapy where I spend an hour talking about my childhood–although that happens sometimes, but instead an attempt to gain independence.

I used to not be able to venture into stores by myself. The reasons are long-winded and personal, but basically I suffered from crippling anxiety. Thanks to therapy I have gone into stores alone, but I am also gaining self-confidence and valuing myself more. Partly, I think my progress has a large part to do with losing weight.

I look in the mirror and like what I see. I know I am not done with my weight loss by any means, but I feel confident, attractive, and deserving of the space I occupy. I no longer feel the need to make apologies or excuses for who I am, and it is liberating.

I guess there really isn’t too much of a point to this post. I just know that it’s really easy to be vocal when things in life are challenging and frustrating, but I think it’s important to try and appreciate the moments when they aren’t.

My posts are probably going to remain slow (1-2 a week) for most of the summer because I don’t know how much time and internet access I will have in Mexico. I want to thank everyone I’ve spoken with who reads this blog. You have no idea how amazing it makes me feel to share this journey with you. We have a long way to go!

PS The title of this post is the name of Brian Griffin’s novel (from Family Guy). It doesn’t have much to do with anything, I just love the reference.


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