Not as Dreaded Shopping

June 9, 2010

PhotobucketBack in March I made a post entitled Dreaded Shopping, and I wanted to revisit this topic. When I made that post I had just fit into size 20, and was realizing how expensive weight loss was going to be when it came to clothing myself. Today I am wearing a size 16, and have found that it really isn’t that bad if you follow some simple guidelines:

  • Don’t buy pants. Just don’t do it. I buy pants and in a week they stop fitting in all the right places.
  • Buy neutral colors. I have jersey dresses in black and dark blue, and I get sooooo much wear out of them simply by changing up the accessories. I can wear belts, sweaters, tights, and jewelry, and they just sort of serve as a backdrop for the rest of my outfit.
  • Do buy new clothes! It’s hard to stay motivated to purchase new stuff when your ultimate goal is to have it not fit in a few weeks. But, if you don’t keep buying clothes that fit, you won’t have as much self-esteem.
  • Buy small. I’ve started buying clothes in a size smaller than what fits. It is an excellent form of motivation to have something in your closet that doesn’t fit quite yet. Once you get into that dress after a few weeks of hard work it feels so much more rewarding than just pulling something off the rack and having it fit.
  • Lastly, budget. Clothes shopping can and will be expensive if you don’t plan for it. I often put a limit on how much a whole outfit can cost. So, a shirt and shorts, or a dress cannot exceed x amount of dollars. But, you could put a monetary limit on your spending for the week or a month, whatever works for you.

I know I’ve already posted about this, but shopping doesn’t have to be dreaded. The more comfortable I am with my body the more I am enjoying trying things on, and seeing how my body is changing. With the right budget, buying clothes can actually be pretty enjoyable.


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