Costco Cleanse

January 29, 2011

PhotobucketTonight is the night, ladies and gentlemen, that I start cleaning out my body with that acai berry stuff I bought from Costco. I’ve been home for the last two days with a sinus infection, so I’m feeling pretty awful anyway, I might as well tether myself to the bathroom all weekend. I’ll edit this post to let you know how it’s going. I’m supposed to drink bottle of potion A before bed along with 16 oz of water. After I (hopefully) sleep through the night, I drink bottle of potion B, with another 16 oz of water, and within 12 hours I will feel “clean and light.” I imagine this won’t do much for my mucus/sinus pressure situation, but at least part of me should feel improved. Fingers crossed.

Saturday morning update: drank both magic potions last night and this morning, and nothing has happened yet. I’ve been hanging out watching Netflix, and don’t really feel “clean and light”. I do have a second set of this cleanse (since Costco doesn’t sell anything in singularity) so perhaps I’ll do it again tonight and see if something changes.

**Edit to note that one of my friends witnessed my taking of the cleanse and asked why I needed to pass a drug test. I then figured out that this was not the type of cleanse I was looking for.


Fiber Wonder

January 28, 2011

PhotobucketOne major staple of my diet that I haven’t really mentioned here is fiber. I don’t really eat bread, or oats in any form, except for the occasional meal involving Dreamfields Pasta. So, getting a decent amount of fiber in my diet is something I have to consciously do. I generally use Benefiber because it really is tasteless and I don’t notice it in my drinks. I recently also picked up some Fiber Gummies because they sounded yummy, and it’s a way to get fiber without needing water. However, the gummies are a bit dangerous because they taste like Dots and you’re only supposed to have four a day–I may not buy them again simply because I lack self-control.

The added benefit to taking fiber, aside from the fact it keeps things moving along regularly, is that it makes you feel full. Fiber, with a decent diet, can help lower cholesterol, and it’s the longest lasting value for the amount of calories that you can ingest.

Year to Year Progress

January 28, 2011


Christmas 2009 vs. New Year's Eve 2010

I found some Christmas photos from 2009 on my old Blackberry, and figured I’d post a side-by-side comparison from last year to this one. Enjoy!

Can You Run a Marathon?

January 27, 2011

PhotobucketI know I have’t trained for distances longer than 10 miles, and I haven’t even done that recently. But, according to blogger Andrew Gertig you may not have to. He managed to run the San Francisco Marathon is less than 4.5 hours without training. He doesn’t recommend this to others, but it is an amazing feat. Kudos to you Andrew!

I started running about 8 months ago, and loosely followed the Couch to 5K program idea, not allowing myself to run too much at first, alternating walking and running, and easing into constant running. I may be able to push though a marathon now, but there’s no question I wouldn’t have made it a mile this time last year.


My sister and I, December 2010

My sister and I have been discussing training for a marathon this year, though. I’m sure I’ll have a lot to share about that experience if we decide to go through with it.

Bargain Shopping

January 26, 2011

As I mentioned briefly in a previous post I am no longer a student and have a grown-up, full-time job. This life change also involved a slight change in wardrobe requirements. Not every office job has a strict dress code, but at mine I am required to wear a suit–not a cheap item of clothing. I’ve found that my best option for buying clothes that I don’t plan to fit into for more than a few months is second-hand clothing.

Last weekend I ventured over to Value Village and tried on every suit coat in my size, for only about $20 (total) I got these winners:Photobucket
Other tips are to go neutral, and buy a few pieces you can wear over and over again. I bought a black pencil skirt for $20, new. I also picked up a pair of slacks for around the same price.

It’s frustrating to know that you have to spend money 0n clothes that you don’t plan to wear long, but if you treat them well you can sell them to places like Buffalo Exchange, or at least donate them back to charitable second-hand shops like Goodwill, or St. Vincent de Paul.

RIP Jack LaLanne

January 26, 2011

PhotobucketAt the wise, old age of 96, fitness legend Jack LaLanne passed away this last weekend. There is a cool video story posted over at MSNBC. He was one of the first people to advocate for a diet heavy in fruits, veggies, and multigrain foods. He was also a huge proponent of the raw foods movement. I plan to celebrate his life by intaking more juices this week.

12-Hour Cleanse

January 25, 2011

PhotobucketLiving the very exciting life that I lead, I went crazy and got a Costco membership this evening. Between buying dog food and pining over memory foam pillows I decided to venture down the supplements isle. They had a pretty good deal on a two-pack of this Acai berry cleanse. So, this weekend I am going to see exactly how much “lighter, slimmer and free to move” I feel. Something tells me I am mostly going to feel free to move between my room and the bathroom, but the adventure lies in the unknown. Stay tuned for this weekend!

Also, just for funzies, my Costco card photo:


How precious.

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