Clothing Size Discrepancies

January 24, 2011

PhotobucketI’m sure you’ve noticed during your own dreaded shopping trips that your “size” is dependent more on the brand, designer or the store that you’re in, and less on your actual measurements. It can be frustrating to think you wear a medium, and end up trying on three of the same jacket to find you need the extra large instead (this just recently happened to yours truly). While the size or number doesn’t matter AT ALL, it’s still difficult to ignore the sizing discrepancies between various retailers. I bookmarked this article from Lifehacker (a personal fave blog of mine) months ago, and was recently reminded of it after a very frustrating shopping outing of my own. Personally, I’ve found that Old Navy boasts the largest sizes, where I happen to fit into a small button-up dress shirt. Comparing that to the dress shirt I got from American Eagle in a large, it’s hard not to let the discrepancies go to your head.


2 Responses to “Clothing Size Discrepancies”

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