Fast Results: Intermittent Fasting

January 25, 2011

PhotobucketOne of the biggest tools I have used to diet successfully for the last 10 months has been intermittent fasting. I realized a long time ago (around 14 or 15 years old) that I had an unhealthy relationship with food. I’d have a bad day at school and eat cheese popcorn until I felt sick. I didn’t eat because I was hungry, I ate to make myself feel whole somehow. Dieting seemed to make this worse because I thought about food constantly. I was trying to eat less, and make better choices, but continued to have torturous thoughts about cravings, snacks, meals, calories for the day, burning calories, eating, not eating–it was never ending. I started reading articles about fasting, and found that when I wasn’t eating for a specific amount of time, I stopped thinking about food altogether. Fitness Spotlight has a really good article detailing how fasting can help break bad eating habits. I know not everyone feels fasting is safe or healthy, but it works really well for me, and isn’t unsafe when done responsibly.


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