Ridiculous Resolutions

January 25, 2011

PhotobucketAs I mentioned in a previous post New Years Resolutions are nonsense, and I wanted to elaborate on this with regards to eating and exercise habits.

Every year starting about mid-December weight loss programs, eating systems, gyms and exercise infomercial advertising seems to quadruple in air time. Most people you know, and maybe you yourself will (or did) resolve to lose x number of pounds, or to workout more, to squeeze into a smaller clothing size, etcetera. We’ve all done it, or seen someone we care about do it: they drink champagne like water up until midnight, and load up on junk food, and holiday cookies from Decemeber 21st-31st, and then starve themselves and workout for the first two weeks of January, only to burn out, or “fall off the wagon” within the first month of the year.

New Years Resolutions DON’T WORK. My friend Katie said it best, ” . . . they just give people a reason to put off doing something they should probably be doing right now.” Why would you eat crap until 11:59pm on December 31st, if your goal is to weigh less? Just put down the cookie and start now.

If you read my “About” section on this blog, you’ll see I started my diet around Thanksgiving of last year. It was by far the worst time of the year to start any sort of fitness regimen, given the crappy weather and the holiday food, but when I looked in the mirror I wanted to be thinner, and waiting two months for New Years to roll around wasn’t going to get me to that goal.

Who cares what time of the year it is? If you want to change something about yourself you have to start right now.

This same way of thinking can be applied when you’re already dieting. I don’t know how many times I, or one of my friends, has been doing well dieting, cheated, and wrote off the whole day as lost. Just because you ate a breakfast burrito doesn’t mean you should eat 5,000 calories today and restart your diet tomorrow. Just make better decisions on your next meal, and it’ll be a whole lot easier to keep going tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that.

I make mistakes in my eating choices all the time (it doesn’t help that there is a candy dish on my desk), but I always keep in mind that I can’t go back and change it. I can only make better decisions on the next thing I decide to put in my mouth–as time goes by it gets easier.


Katie and Me, January 2011

If you made a New Years Resolution to lose weight; that’s awesome. Just remember that messing up doesn’t make the progress you’ve already experienced worthless. And, if you didn’t make a resolution, it’s not too late. January 1st, or 24th, it doesn’t matter–just resolve to make better decisions right now.


3 Responses to “Ridiculous Resolutions”

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  2. tonymecum Says:

    This is one of my favorite posts. I really like your take on keeping yourself focused and being positive regardless of what you may have just eaten. And the whole time issue- it’s very easy to set goals for the future and be lazy in the present. Love yoooouuuu, chairman!

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