Bargain Shopping

January 26, 2011

As I mentioned briefly in a previous post I am no longer a student and have a grown-up, full-time job. This life change also involved a slight change in wardrobe requirements. Not every office job has a strict dress code, but at mine I am required to wear a suit–not a cheap item of clothing. I’ve found that my best option for buying clothes that I don’t plan to fit into for more than a few months is second-hand clothing.

Last weekend I ventured over to Value Village and tried on every suit coat in my size, for only about $20 (total) I got these winners:Photobucket
Other tips are to go neutral, and buy a few pieces you can wear over and over again. I bought a black pencil skirt for $20, new. I also picked up a pair of slacks for around the same price.

It’s frustrating to know that you have to spend money 0n clothes that you don’t plan to wear long, but if you treat them well you can sell them to places like Buffalo Exchange, or at least donate them back to charitable second-hand shops like Goodwill, or St. Vincent de Paul.


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