Fiber Wonder

January 28, 2011

PhotobucketOne major staple of my diet that I haven’t really mentioned here is fiber. I don’t really eat bread, or oats in any form, except for the occasional meal involving Dreamfields Pasta. So, getting a decent amount of fiber in my diet is something I have to consciously do. I generally use Benefiber because it really is tasteless and I don’t notice it in my drinks. I recently also picked up some Fiber Gummies because they sounded yummy, and it’s a way to get fiber without needing water. However, the gummies are a bit dangerous because they taste like Dots and you’re only supposed to have four a day–I may not buy them again simply because I lack self-control.

The added benefit to taking fiber, aside from the fact it keeps things moving along regularly, is that it makes you feel full. Fiber, with a decent diet, can help lower cholesterol, and it’s the longest lasting value for the amount of calories that you can ingest.


One Response to “Fiber Wonder”

  1. […] am a big fan of Dreamfields pasta, because it is low in carbs and high in fiber. To me the cost difference is well worth the carb savings. But if you aren’t watching your […]

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