Costco Cleanse

January 29, 2011

PhotobucketTonight is the night, ladies and gentlemen, that I start cleaning out my body with that acai berry stuff I bought from Costco. I’ve been home for the last two days with a sinus infection, so I’m feeling pretty awful anyway, I might as well tether myself to the bathroom all weekend. I’ll edit this post to let you know how it’s going. I’m supposed to drink bottle of potion A before bed along with 16 oz of water. After I (hopefully) sleep through the night, I drink bottle of potion B, with another 16 oz of water, and within 12 hours I will feel “clean and light.” I imagine this won’t do much for my mucus/sinus pressure situation, but at least part of me should feel improved. Fingers crossed.

Saturday morning update: drank both magic potions last night and this morning, and nothing has happened yet. I’ve been hanging out watching Netflix, and don’t really feel “clean and light”. I do have a second set of this cleanse (since Costco doesn’t sell anything in singularity) so perhaps I’ll do it again tonight and see if something changes.

**Edit to note that one of my friends witnessed my taking of the cleanse and asked why I needed to pass a drug test. I then figured out that this was not the type of cleanse I was looking for.


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