Beauty Buys

April 25, 2011


Red Hair, April 23rd, 2011

About a year ago I made this post about tips I use to boost my self-esteem. Lo and behold I am still using these, and some new things to keep me motivated.

I recently started dying my hair red, rather than brown, just to try something different. It’s exciting, and on days when I feel fat or bloated, I try to focus on making my hair pretty instead of drowning my sorrows in chocolate.

I also have been planning on buying a Zeno Hot Spot to help treat big, random pimples, that seem to evade my usual hygiene regimen. And, also a Clarisonic Pro brush. I know that when my skin is in great shape, it’s a lot easier to face the mirror (PUNS)!

There are always going to be good and bad days, even once I reach my goal weight, and I find the more I invest in the things I can actually control: clothes that fit, clear skin, white teeth, nice hair–I tend to feel better about myself overall and much less inclined to mess up on my dieting or exercise.


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