Exercising Safely

April 25, 2011

PhotobucketI’ve been away for awhile and since I last posted, I’ve started my career at an awesome skate/snow/surf shop as an office manager. I love my job, and because the company is small I wear a lot of hats: HR, accounting, scheduling, marketing and admin support, and really whatever else is thrown at me. I share this not only because it’s my blog and I can post what I want, but also because I have been cycling to work and back and was in an accident this morning.

I’m going to be a giant hypocrite and tell you to wear a bike helmet any and every time you bike. I own one, and I wasn’t wearing it. I’m okay, no concussion or broken bones, but I am sore, bruised and extremely thankful it wasn’t worse.

I just really want to urge anyone that may read my blog to take proper safety precautions with whatever exercise you do. If you are running or biking in traffic don’t wear headphones. If you are running or biking at night make sure you are visible. Lastly, always stretch before working out.


Thigh bruise about 20 minutes after the accident

I know I won’t ever get on a bike without a helmet again. I’m still super shaken up by the whole event, and while it’s unfortunate I am so stubborn that something had to happen to show me I’m mortal, I’m so so thankful it wasn’t worse.


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