Weights First?

May 1, 2011

PhotobucketToday was BEAUTIFUL outside. My roommate and I only share one day off a week and generally try to spend some of it together to catch-up. We ended up taking a 7 mile walk which was like killing three birds with one stone: exercise, tan and conversation? Check, check and check. Anyway, he mentioned this article over at The Post Game about how to make workouts more effective by weight training first. Now, I don’t workout at a gym. Mostly because they are expensive, but also because I prefer doing cardio outside; even when it’s terrible and wet. But, when I have worked out in a gym I would always do cardio to warm up, lift and do resistance training and mat work, and then cardio again.

Apparently science shows that lifting first burns off the sugars (recent food intake), so when you follow up with cardio you are burning fat (stored food intake, you know, for hibernation).

I’m not sure this information will change my routine as I don’t really lift at all, but it is something to think about.


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