The Love of My Life

May 2, 2011

PhotobucketWell blogworld, it has been far too long, but finally I am ready to introduce the new man in my life. Meet: Dirty. He is my new bicycle and he is lovely. Now, I just had  a post recently about how I got in a bike accident. No fault of the bike of course, and after a week of limping and feeling a tad bit scared, I am finally back to riding Dirty to and from work.

He is a Swobo Sanchez (hence the name), and for a fairly affordable single-speed, he is really well built and good looking. I changed out the seat to a leather Brooks saddle, added drop handlebars and Soma “Thick and Zesty” grip wraps. I still want to change out the peddles and wheels at some point, but I am quite happy with my current setup.

My next hopeful purchase is a decent road bike. I really love this single-speed for commuting. Granted I ride with a freewheel setup, not as a fixed gear bike, and I am also lucky to have flat land in town. But, now that I’m getting more comfortable, I can definitely see myself getting into cycling for exercise; rather than simply for transportation.


2 Responses to “The Love of My Life”

  1. […] Anyway, I’m biking everywhere at the moment because it’s too painful to walk to and from work. Benefit being that my leather Brooks saddle is wearing in nicely and my calves are getting ripped. The downside about toes is that there really isn’t much treatment available unless it’s your big toe. Until things clear up it’s going to be a lot of me and Dirty. […]

  2. […] a free spoke light for volunteers and participants until they run out. I’ll be out there with Dirty getting my ride on, and I hope anyone in the area joins […]

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