Mile Marker 3

May 6, 2011

PhotobucketTo wrap up this series on running, I’d like to talk about something sort of gross: foot care.

One thing I quickly realized when I started getting serious about losing weight was that my feet are not going to be pretty if I’m going to be active.

However, there are a few things you can do to try and keep things manageable:

  • Nail polish! My toenails are all bruised and blacked from running. I make sure to keep my toenails short to avoid further damage, and about once a week I paint my toenails. This helps with my self-esteem, and it also hides the sad-looking bruises.
  • Exfoliate. I have a Ped Egg, and also something that is gritty (similar to sand paper). Slough off dead cells and your feet will instantly look better–especially your heels!
  • Moisturize. I use Cetaphil facial lotion on my feet. I don’t buy it specifically for my feet, but we had it in the house and I find it works wonders. Apply nightly before bed, or after you’ve taken a shower.
  • Prevent and manage blisters. This is by far the grossest point, but also very important. You are not going to feel very comfortable about your feet if it hurts to walk around on them. I have found extreme value in purchasing proper athletic socks that are fitted to your foot and wick moisture away from your skin. Also, you can use tape or liquid bandage-type products to avoid hot spots when running. If you do get a blister, take a hot shower or bath and lance it with a clean needle. Make sure to take care when doing this, drain the blister well and sanitize. I know it sounds gross, but I have often popped blisters Saturday night and was able to do 9+ miles the following Sunday.
I sometimes remember how nice and soft my feet were when I was nearly 300lbs. But then I remember… I was almost 300lbs. I think I’d rather be active.

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