Fitness Ball Office Chair

May 7, 2011

PhotobucketJust as the title says: I use a fitness ball as my office chair. I’ve read lots and LOTS of articles about how this is amazing or terrible for you. Some people say it’s great for your back and core, while others say it lacks support and you’ll still slouch.

I haven’t found myself slouching more than usual or in pain, but I do like feeling like I’m moving around more, and feeling more alert, awake and aware of my space.

My old office chair was really uncomfortable, and once I started looking at buying a new one, I figured I might as well invest $15 in a ball to see if I liked it. I went with a 75 cm ball, and I do have to add a bit of air every few days to keep it at the same level of inflation. Overall, I am very happy and don’t see myself going back to a regular chair anytime soon.

Plus, I now have a routine that involves bouncing whilst listening to very bassy hip hop and paying bills in Quickbooks. How could I give that up?


5 Responses to “Fitness Ball Office Chair”

  1. Keep up the good work on this blog!

  2. […] employed at a job which requires you to sit all day. One of these is sitting on a fitness ball, which is something I already do. If you’re stuck at a desk in your office you should definitely check it out. Share […]

  3. […] vision problems if you fail to take breaks from your work and move around regularly. Since I sit on a fitness ball, and do get up for water and bathroom breaks often, I’m not too concerned about the movement […]

  4. […] creates a sauna-like effect making you sweat a lot more when you workout. I like it so far because wearing the band causes me to sit up straight on my fitness ball at work (I’ve developed quite a nice slouching habit), and because it’s tight I am […]

  5. […] on foot or even just get up from my desk to walk across the office instead of sending an email. I also sit on a fitness ball as a chair, so my legs and core are engaged when I’m working. Where in your day can you increase your […]

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