Clothing Tutorial

May 20, 2011

So many firsts happening in this post. I’ve had a WordPress app on two different phones now, but never tried posting through it until this very moment. If you’re reading this, you my friend are witnessing history in the making.

Yesterday I was lurking in the Target ladies’ clothing area, as I often do, and happened upon 50% off maternity t-shirts. So, this is my first clothing tutorial: how to turn a maternity tee into a dress.

1. Buy the shirt.
2. Put the shirt on.
3. Take your pants off.
4. Go out drinking and get yourself banged.

Who knew maternity clothes were not only helpful while you are pregnant, but they’ll also help you get pregnant as well? (No one was actually banged in the making, or as a result of wearing this dress). Use a condom kids.



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