Do You Over-Warm Up?

June 30, 2011

PhotobucketAccording to this study found at the U.S. National Library of Medicine, warming up for extended periods of time actually creates fatigue and makes you perform at a lower level. This is interesting to me because I used to be of the no-stretching school. I never properly warmed up before workouts, which often lead to minor injuries, such as sprains, blisters and over-extension.

I guess it’s all about balancing getting your muscles warmed up and loose, but not exerting too much energy before you actually start your workout.

Either way, at least stretch and walk it out a little before you get your blood pumping.



June 29, 2011

PhotobucketTactics, my place of work, started carrying a new brand: JammyPack. These are neat because they allow you to enjoy music with other people while you move around. I bought the CycLAvia model, which attaches to my bike. The speakers can also attach to computer via USB, so they’re a decent multitasker.

Can’t wait to annoy, I mean ENTERTAIN, people all summer long. Guess who is gonna be Whippin’ Her Hair Back ‘n’ Forth?

My Weekend Savior

June 29, 2011

PhotobucketThis website: Get Drunk Not Fat is about to change my life, and hopefully yours. I’ve posted a few times about drinking and diet. They really don’t go together, but if you like to go out on the weekends (or weekdays, whatever, I’m not judging you) and get a little tipsy, you can make better choices.

Not only is this site informational, but you can also submit information, and there is reader feedback. If you like your booze, check it out!

100 Posts

June 28, 2011


Me, June 25th, 2011

I’ve officially reached blog post 100 here at Figure Finder! To celebrate I am going to branch out and start connecting to some other blogs and sites. I didn’t want to really put this blog “out there” until I knew I’d actually stick with it. But, 16 months and 100 posts later: I’m finally convinced.

Now you can Follow my blog with Bloglovin without needing a WordPress account!

Better Than Naked?

June 28, 2011

PhotobucketWhat do I love more than talking about myself and eating foods that are bad for me? Shopping! I recently (today) purchased a new running jacket and I am super excited to try this puppy out! I went with the Better than Naked jacket by Northface. I was sold by the vent design, specifically. I’m a very sweaty person and my rain shell, while it has decent vents, traps the heat.

Plus, since I work in the “industry” I managed to get this $130 jacket, for a cool $73.50.

People are Impatient

June 28, 2011

PhotobucketI was struck by this article I read on Lifehacker last week. I’ve posted a few times about my frustrations with other people wanting to see positive results in their life, but being unwilling to do the hard work to make it happen. Whether it’s putting things off, or trying to find shortcuts, I have grown more and more aware of this idea that everyone wants to better themselves, but no one likes to make the lifestyle changes to make it happen.

I’ve noticed since I’ve made changes in my life, several friends and acquaintances have shown interest in doing the same. I get offers to work out together, or asked for recipes and diet advice. And I am usually more than happy to offer what amateur advice and opinions I can. Yet, I repeatedly get cancelled on for exercise dates and watch people make terrible food choices despite knowing they want better for themselves.

Even though this article isn’t limited to fitness and food, it’s even more proof that the only person who can change your life is you.

Video Blog

June 27, 2011

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