Toning Shoes? My Ass…

June 16, 2011

PhotobucketWell not mine, literally, but I’ve always thought the toning specific shoes were a crock. Sure, if you buy these specifically unstable shoes and walk around in them A LOT you will lose weight and tone up. But, if you walk around a lot in any shoes you’ll lose weight and tone up.

Most people buying these dumb things aren’t athletes with great balance. These are everyday consumers who are lazy and want to get better looking the easiest way they can. Apparently, this out-of-shape-ness plus purposely unbalanced shoes equals injury. I’ve linked an article from USA Today, but I believe I originally heard about the copious amount of lawsuits being filed over Shape-Up Injuries on some national TV morning show.

Aside from the Reebok Easytones, which seem to look like normal shoes, these shoes look pretty fashion backward in my opinion. Why one would want to walk around looking like Baby Spice in Spice World the movie in the year 2011, is beyond me.


One Response to “Toning Shoes? My Ass…”

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