Everyday Exercise

June 17, 2011

PhotobucketNow that the weather is getting better I’ve really been enjoying getting outside to exercise. I’ve also made some life changes that allow me to get exercise while I’m being productive around the house. Instead of using a gas lawn mower, I bought a push-reel mower. Not only is it a workout to push around the yard, but it’s also a workout to rake all the clippings up afterward.

There are less frequent, but equally beneficial indoor activities like sweeping and mopping (perhaps moving all the furniture to clean underneath) that can be a workout as well.

I’m also a huge advocate of walking or biking to run errands or to transport myself to work and back. There really isn’t a good excuse to not get some exercise in during your day. Even if you’re low on time: these are things that you probably need to get done anyway.


One Response to “Everyday Exercise”

  1. […] past weekend my man-friend and I got some everyday exercise because he needed to return something at the mall and we figured it wouldn’t hurt for us to […]

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