Stress Eating

June 19, 2011

PhotobucketThis is not a subject I’m particularly proud to address, but it’s something that happens and something I’ve been guilty of this past week.

We have been going through a lot of staff changes at work. As the HR person this is particularly busy for me, and also very emotional for my staff. I’ve found that I’m having stressful dreams, not sleeping well, and worst of all: I’m making excuses to eat garbage.

I used to stress eat ALL the time in college, and had to break my unhealthy relationship with food through very strict dieting and fasting occasionally. It was tough to get to a point where I didn’t think things like, “I’ve had a hard day, so I deserve this ice cream.” And, unfortunately, these changes weren’t irreversible because I find myself slipping back into old habits.

This week is going to be focused on sticking to my diet–the strictest variation of it, and keeping a food log to hold myself accountable. I may do a fast at some point in the near future as well.

Everyone slips up while dieting, but the most important thing to remember is that you can get yourself back on track immediately. You don’t have to wait until tomorrow, or Sunday, or the beginning of the month. Today isn’t ruined, you just need to start making better choices from this moment onward.


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