Proper Equipment

June 20, 2011

PhotobucketThis past weekend my man-friend and I got some everyday exercise because he needed to return something at the mall and we figured it wouldn’t hurt for us to get a little walking in. Despite being June, we live in Oregon and rain happens year-round. Luckily, we’re quite used to unpredictable weather and we were ready for whatever was thrown at us. If you’re leery of getting out in the rain, you probably don’t have the right gear, so I’d like to talk a bit about what I wear to keep myself weather ready:

  • A good rain shell is very important. Umbrellas are cumbersome and impractical if you’re trying to do anything more than stroll. I wear my shell practically every day. It’s perfect for biking, running, walking or hiking, and if the weather gets too warm (god willing), it’s light and folds up into a little pouch that easily fits in my purse. I’d recommend a North Face or Patagonia shell, but really you just want to look for a good water-proof material and vents.
  • Dress in layers. I cannot emphasize this enough. Generally my exercise outfit is running tights or capris in a dri-fit fabric that prevents chaffing, but also dries quickly. A non-cotton shirt (again you want things that dry fast), a fleece sweater and a rain shell. I’ve also been known to wear snowboard liner gloves when it’s chilly or I’m biking.
  • Shoes without mesh. I love mesh running shoes as they allow your feet to breath. Unfortunately, they aren’t super practical in the rain. Nothing is worse that frozen, wet feet for a workout. I have a pair of shoes that are pretty run-of-the-mill athletic shoes, but don’t have any mesh and they keep my feet pretty dry.

I really dislike exercising indoors, so it’s essential I have proper equipment for all the elements. I’m sure that regardless of where you live, the appropriate clothing to keep you dry and warm will make your workouts A.) actually happen and B.) much more enjoyable.


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