Would Sucralose Still Be As Sweet

June 22, 2011

By Any Other Name?

PhotobucketI consume quite a barrage of sugarless food items. From Crystal Light to frozen yogurt, my diet has consistently been heavy on Xylitol, Sucralose, Aspartame and whatever else scientists have created in a lab to trick my brain into thinking I’m eating sugar.

I’ve seen numerous articles examining the toxicity of fake sweeteners and I’ve also heard that some people get more addicted to sweeteners than they do actual sugar. OR, after eating something with imitation sugar, some people crave real sugar waaaaay more and often over-indulge.

I’ve always sided with everything in moderation. But, if fake sugar doesn’t work well for you, or you’re afraid it’ll make your brain go haywire, don’t be afraid to allow yourself a tad bit of the real thing every once-in-awhile. Fruit is chalk full of natural sugar (hence why it’s so carby), and often a banana will cure my sugar pangs.


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