Sleep Away the Pounds?

June 23, 2011

PhotobucketWhile the title of this post is misleading, the topic is interesting. I’ve heard for years that poor sleep patterns can prevent one from losing weight, and while I’ve heard it over and over again, I’ve never really paid much attention.

I am notoriously poor at sleeping. I tend to over-think and over-analyze well into the night, keeping myself up until 1 or 2am and waking up around 7am for work. I’ve been thinking about how this may be affecting my health overall, but also, how it specifically affects my weight loss goals.

Today I saw this article over at Lifehaker about this very subject. The article mentions two points that I found particularly interesting: first, they point out that sleep is usually the first thing to go when you get busier: like trying to fit exercise and healthy meal prep into your already busy life. Second, they recommend making a sleep plan or schedule that you stick to. I usually just try to wake up early enough to get to work on time, but I rarely aim for a bed time, or even to wake up at the same time daily.

I’m going to buy some over-the-counter melatonin and give this sleep plan a try. I’m sure I’ll function better as a human being, but maybe I’ll see some positive weight loss results as well.


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