Satisfy Cravings with Substitutions

June 26, 2011

PhotobucketI was thinking about writing a post about my love of frozen yogurt, but I felt it would be more of me gushing than anyone gaining any enjoyment or insight. Until! Today I found this Good Housekeeping article about substituting healthier foods when you have a specific craving, and this is exactly what I do with frozen yogurt.

I’m pretty sure my favorite dessert in the entire world is ice cream. However, being high in carbs (not to mention saturated fat), I don’t often indulge. Instead, I really enjoy frozen yogurt with fruit as a substitute. It seems new places are popping up all over the place and they offer a “tart” variety that has either no sweetener or has Splenda added. I usually choose whatever berries are in season and slivered almonds as my toppings.

Honestly, it doesn’t taste like ice cream, but it does usually satisfy the craving for something cold, creamy and sweet.


3 Responses to “Satisfy Cravings with Substitutions”

  1. margasaur Says:

    Frozen yogurt is the BOMB! I am such a fro-yo-fruit fan it’s not even funny XD

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