The Last Supper

July 31, 2011

PhotobucketWell, tomorrow is the start of Michelle’s Epically Awesome Juice Fast 2011. So, for my last meal I’m making something I’d like to categorize as Vegan-Trash: vegan mac ‘n’ cheese with tofu crumbles. Yes. I am creating fake cheeseburger macaroni. No. I’m not ashamed. You try drinking only juice for awhile and tell me you don’t want some junk.


Vegan Junk Food!

I’m really excited to try this out, and I’m sure I’ll post about everything, but I will miss chewing. After this epic fast perhaps I’ll look like the models in that “last supper” shot above… only 8 inches shorter.



July 30, 2011

PhotobucketSo, if you have a Magic Bullet you could also have a juicer for $15! has the attachment for sale individually, but it’s even a good deal if you buy the whole set: food processor, blender and juicer?

I may or may not have re-watched the whole Magic Bullet infomercial this morning because I was too lazy to change the channel. But, out of laziness was birth something useful, so there ya go.

PhotobucketYou may have already heard about this, but I find it surprisingly inspirational. Bree Boyce, the newly crowned Miss South Carolina lost over 100lbs to compete for her title. You can check out her Facebook profile for all the details on her story.

You, like me, probably don’t have any aspirations to compete in pageants. But, I am completely blown away by how much people can transform their bodies when motivated. Any reason to change your life for the better is a good one, and I am astonished at what Bree has accomplished. Now she is in a position to be a role model for little girls, and it’s people like her who should be out there influencing children.

Meatless Mondays

July 28, 2011

PhotobucketIf you’re not such a fan of the meatless diet I’ve been preaching, you should check out Meatless Mondays. It’s a great idea: encouraging meat lovers to cut out meat just one day a week. AND it’s an alliteration, which everyone loves. If you aren’t interested in completely giving up meat, try just one day a week!

Also, here is a fab meatless recipe to get you started: Warm Beet Salad. Thanks to my friend Melinda for the recipe link!

PhotobucketAshley, that I featured here a few weeks ago, has internet access at her home now! This means blog updates, so you should check her out. I’m excited to have her back in the internet world!

“Change Your Food

July 26, 2011

PhotobucketChange Your Life”. Seems like a simple statement, but it is also the title of a film I just watched about vegan eating. Jill Ovnik, a vegan woman who has done a lot of nutritional research has put together a half-lecture, half lifestyle film about eating a plant-based, vegan diet.

You can watch the entire film piece by piece at Jill’s site Vegan Gal, or it is available on Netflix streaming at the moment. I will warn you, this is not an entertaining documentary. It’s more like watching a community college level lecture on nutrition, but the message is still great.

I learned a lot about the levels of protein the human body needs, as well as how to create a healthy, easy animal product-free, plant-based diet.

As you know, I’ve been eating a vegan diet in prep for the all-juice diet I’ll be starting August 1st, but the more I eat this way, and the more research I do, the more I think this may stick after I’m done with just juice.

Either way, if vegan or vegetarian eating is something that interests you and you’d like to learn more, I’d suggest checking this movie out. Toward the end there is a guide to eating out and I found that especially helpful.

Video Blog

July 25, 2011

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