Fitness Profile: Kristen Adamson

July 2, 2011

PhotobucketI’ll preface by saying: I don’t know Kristen, but her story is extremely inspirational. It is hard to find young people that openly write about transforming their bodies and lives and while there are a lot of blogs and articles for older people, it’s difficult for me to relate. Check out her amazing transformation in only a year’s time!

Congratulations on making such a huge change Kristen. You are a shining example of how it takes hard work and dedication to make change happen, but when you do you see major results.


4 Responses to “Fitness Profile: Kristen Adamson”

  1. Kristen Says:

    Wow – I just stumbled across this. Thank you so much for this! I sincerely appreciate it!

    • figurefinder Says:

      You’re welcome. I’m so inspired by you and it’s difficult to find other young people opening talking about transforming their bodies.

      • Kristen Says:

        Yes – that is true. A lot of people are embarrassed in the beginning because they feel they might be judged. But I just decided one day that the fear I had was great fuel to keep me motivated. I knew that if I posted my pictures, I would FOR SURE want to post better ones every few weeks. And then it just showballed into where I am today.

        Keep up you’re awesome work! You are certainly leading my example and have a great blog going on here! If you aren’t already on my Facebook page, I would love for you to join us! I post on there pretty much every day about my journey and it would be great for you to share advice and stories with some of the other people who are in the same boat as you and I.

        Thanks again!! And good luck with all of your goals.

  2. Maureen Fautley Says:

    Kristen IS an amazing woman – I’ve known her all of her life, and she has always been an extraordinary person – Love HER!

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