4th of July Weekend

July 6, 2011


Me, July 4th, 2011

Well, survived another holiday that seems to revolve around food: 4th of July. I definitely appreciate the freedoms I’m afforded in this country, including those to eat and drink what I please. However, it is difficult to make good decisions when all of my 20-something friends are barbecuing and drinking copious amounts of beer. Therefore, I have decided to make a list of things that have kept me going this past week:

  • Going to the Farmer’s market and on a several hour long bike ride with my friend Ashley. Hopefully she’ll let me post something about her soon, as she is training to run the annual Hood to Coast in August. Nothing like some sun on your skin and wind in your hair to make you appreciate being outside and being active.
  • My friend Marga declaring this summer her kick-off to being healthier. One of my friends spent an afternoon with me this weekend and let me know she’s decided to make some changes in her life regarding diet and exercise. It is really inspiring to see someone make decisions like this for themselves (not because they have to, but because they want to) and helps me remember why I started in the first place.
  • This movie I watched called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I’ll make a separate post about the film, but it chronicles a couple of people who literally eat their way back to good health. In general I try to make good choices, but this movie definitely inspired me to cut the excuses and try harder.
I’ve also been dealing with some body issues and other stresses the last few weeks. I decided not to make a Measurement Monday post this week because I have been feeling pretty low in the self-esteem area and don’t need another reason to feel down on myself. Expect a post revisiting mental health and dieting and also body image. Should be a big week with some exciting and very personal things to come.

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  1. […] have a new neighbor in the house next door, and it turns out she is training to run Hood to Coast, the same race my friend Ashley is training for. Of course my first thought was to introduce them so they can run together. […]

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