Battling Depression

July 10, 2011

PhotobucketI wrote a post when I first started this blog about feeling down while dieting. That post was more about feeling down sporadically and not letting those bad days kill your drive to be healthier. Lately, however, I’ve been battling a more serious form of depression. I’ve been dealing with some family and work related stress and it’s really been having an impact on every facet of my life.

One thing I realized, though, was that this depression was causing me to make poor eating decisions, and in turn, the crap I’ve been putting in my body has been making me feel bad. When I eat mainly starchy carbs I feel tired, sluggish, sore and sad.

I may not be able to control some of the stresses I am experiencing in my life right now, but I can control the nutrients I am putting in my body. The mass amounts of fruit and veggies I’ve been getting through juice have been amazing, and I feel more rested and energized than I have in months. I’ve also been making mandatory workout time. Even if it’s just walking around outside on my lunch break at work, I NEED to get outside to clear my head at least once every day.

Situational or not, depression is real and will affect your life whether you want it to or not. The important thing is to recognize what things in your life you can take control of, and take care of yourself as well as you can given the circumstances.


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