Training Day

July 13, 2011

PhotobucketI have a new neighbor in the house next door, and it turns out she is training to run Hood to Coast, the same race my friend Ashley is training for. Of course my first thought was to introduce them so they can run together. Unfortunately, Ashley is moving to Portland in two days… Somehow I have now volunteered myself to train for a race I’m not running… I am sort of unclear on the details (perhaps I blacked out in the excitement of making a new friend) and today I definitely woke up at 6:15am to go workout. Oh well, I can think of much much worse things. I highly doubt it, but maybe I’ll just suck it up and run this race too.

The bigger point I’d like to make here is that socializing can be a great way to squeeze in exercise. Most of my friends plan social time around drinking or meals, but it’s nice to plan a bike ride or walk with friends. You still get to converse, and have a distraction if you run out of things to say, but you also get some physical activity in your day. Try scheduling one of your social outings to a more physical activity weekly and I bet it’ll make a world of difference.


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