Juice Diet: Side Effects

July 17, 2011

PhotobucketAfter watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, I was super jazzed on changing up my diet (and still am). Unfortunately, this motivation caused me to jump right into things and not research any of the possible side effects that come with abrupt diet change.

I am basically abiding by a vegan diet at the moment, and that is quite a huge change: no dairy, meat or eggs. I am also consuming about 70% more fruits and vegetables than I was which is a LOT more fiber than my body is used to. Knowing what fiber can do I was expecting to have my food moving through me rather rapidly at first. Instead I was met with quite the opposite effect… for several uncomfortable days.

I have now modified my diet to include beans and nuts, and copious amounts of powdered fiber and rice protein. But, I’d like to caution anyone who is thinking about making a drastic change to their eating habits. Change is good, don’t get me wrong, just ease into it instead of cutting entire food groups out all at once. Also, you can check out a list of possible side effects from a juice fast here. You should research any side effects before changing up what you eat, and if you have health problems you should consult your doctor before any fast or diet is followed.


One Response to “Juice Diet: Side Effects”

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