Drinking Hiatus

July 19, 2011

PhotobucketI’m officially not drinking until possibly October. I have always had a hard time with alcohol as my kidneys aren’t the best in the world. I am also allergic to barley, so most beer is very difficult for me to digest. I’ve posted numerous times about drinking and dieting, and I’ve always enjoyed still getting to go out even when sober.

I am taking a break for a few reasons: I have been eating mostly fruits and vegetables and feel ill when I try to drink. I really want to get down to a healthy BMI by the end of 2011, and alcohol is only counter productive. I tend to make poor eating choices when drunk and most of all–drinking doesn’t help with feelings of depression or sadness at all.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to having hangover-free mornings and being the person least slurring at the party for awhile. Once I reintroduce animal proteins and more grains into my diet alcohol will surely be back and in full force.


3 Responses to “Drinking Hiatus”

  1. Sam Crow Says:

    Sounds like fun, if not a challenge. I like challenges, throw down the gauntlet and I’m in.

  2. […] Drinking and weight loss don’t mix. If you are going to drink I suggest checking out this site, but regardless consuming alcohol will cost you calories. Sam and I haven’t been drinking lately and instead have been crafting alcohol-free cocktails (please don’t call them mocktails, that word makes me cringe) that I’m calling “fancy drinks”. Some ingredients we’ve utilized are: […]

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