Better Choices: Fast Food

July 20, 2011

PhotobucketI’m sure you’ve heard of Eat This Not That, by Matt Goulding: a book cataloging the best choices when eating out. Right now I am fairly limited when eating out, but it still happens, so I have to be conscious of my best options. Here is my mini version of what to eat when you’re out and about (on my looser diet):

  • Carl’s Jr. lettuce wrapped burgers, and better yet, lettuce wrapped turkey burgers!
  • Fast food salads minus croutons, dressing and any sort of sweetened fruit or nuts (regular fruit and nuts are fine).
  • Buffets. Believe it or not, being surrounded by a ton of food I can’t eat isn’t that bad. Buffets usually have pretty good salad bar and fruit selections.
  • Grocery stores or convenience stores. I know this isn’t fast food, but it’s usually pretty easy to find a store with jerky or mixed nuts when I’m out. If I can find something to hold me over until I get home and have a real meal it keeps me from eating Taco Bell with my friends.
I think it’s always best to try and have a filling, well balanced meal. But, realistically it’s not always an option. Having alternatives in mind will keep you from eating the worst options because you’re limited on time.

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