Fitness Profile: Lee Ordonez

July 22, 2011

PhotobucketMy coworker, and friend Lee was kind enough to let me interview him for this week’s profile. Lee is a competitive cyclist now competing on the professional level. My words are in black, his in blue, enjoy!

What initially got you interested in cycling?

I think it all started when my dad bought me a cheap-o Murray mountain bike from the local Mart. It just created this love for bikes. I rode the crap out of that Murray until the components failed. My dad hinted at buying me a new bike someday, so I figured if I destroyed that bike, I’d get a real bike.

How old were you?

13 I think.

But you didn’t actually get into competitive cycling until much later. You were into track and bodybuilding before?

Yeah, it wasn’t a competitive thing for me back then.There wasn’t much of a following of that sport on the coast. I got a call from the cross country coach in the summer to give running a shot. So that’s how I got into running. I stuck with track and field for the most part though.

So, when did you start competing in cycling?

I didn’t get serious until last year, there wasn’t anything holding me back from putting in the time. So I gave it a try with no expectations. Last season I was really aggressive and I somehow got lucky with finishing decent in races.

Well you seem like a pretty naturally coordinated and athletic person. Speaking from experience (myself), that isn’t the case with most people. How many hours a week do you spend training outside of races?

Hmm, maybe 8-10 hours a week. Once I leave work, it’s pretty much rush home and ride the bike. So winter riding can sometimes be mentally challenging. Starting a night ride in the rain with lights isn’t always the most pleasant feeling.

I would imagine not. You have a cycle trainer you use too, for rain, yes?

Sometimes I’ll setup the trainer in the garage and watch movies with subtitles on the computer. Most of the time the trainer is so boring to ride, I’d rather ride in the rain.

Yeah, I feel the same way. I can’t really do cardio indoors and feel fulfilled. I’d rather just endure the elements to experience the change in location and scenery.

Yeah, pretty much.

What motivates you?

I think after healing from the illnes I dealt with in my early 20’s, I always felt that I would never be as strong or physically able as I had been before the illness. In the beginning I wanted to prove to myself I still had it.

And now?

I really enjoy the competition and sharing that experience with other riders. I’ve met some amazing people because of this hobby.

What are your goals?

Stay healthy, have fun and keep riding. This year has been a learning experience, racing with the Cat 1/2 riders has been a drastic jump. Next year I hope to be a smarter cyclist.

Can you explain what the difference is in the Cat standings?

As a beginner, you start out as a Category 5 racer. With a few races completed, you’ll be a 4. After that you have to gain points from placing at races or completing 15-20 races. To become a Cat 2 racer you must attain I believe 25 points from placing at races and apply for the upgrade.

Which is what happened for you earlier this year?

Yes, I broke my wrist last season a few points shy of the upgrade. So I upgraded earlier this year.

Do you have any advice for someone interested in getting in to the sport?

Just make sure to have fun and take advantage of group rides or shop rides. There are usually people that will give you advice and help out with questions.

Lastly, what is your favorite Nickelback song?

Oh my, it’s all so good.


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  1. tonymecum Says:

    Loved the last question

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