Don’t Trust a Ho

July 24, 2011

PhotobucketNever trust a ho, don’t trust me (Thanks 3Oh!3 for the lyrics). Actually, you can trust me, but on Summer Tomato they made a post about 10 people you shouldn’t trust for diet advice. The list includes your mom and mainstream media. I made a post about friends and family that seem to care about you, but really sabotage dieting when I first started the blog, and definitely think the idea is worth revisiting.

It’s really helpful to have people in your life that also eat well and exercise. You can help keep each other accountable, and motivate each other. But, there are also a lot of people that will not understand why you’re dieting, or feel unhappy with their own health and will project that negativity onto you. Try not to take Friendly Fire personally, cause at the end of the day you’re the only person that makes decisions for you.


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