The Last Supper

July 31, 2011

PhotobucketWell, tomorrow is the start of Michelle’s Epically Awesome Juice Fast 2011. So, for my last meal I’m making something I’d like to categorize as Vegan-Trash: vegan mac ‘n’ cheese with tofu crumbles. Yes. I am creating fake cheeseburger macaroni. No. I’m not ashamed. You try drinking only juice for awhile and tell me you don’t want some junk.


Vegan Junk Food!

I’m really excited to try this out, and I’m sure I’ll post about everything, but I will miss chewing. After this epic fast perhaps I’ll look like the models in that “last supper” shot above… only 8 inches shorter.


2 Responses to “The Last Supper”

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