The Downside of Eating Well

August 9, 2011

PhotobucketMy roommate/bestie/personal trainer/live-in chef Andy found this link last week on and even though I want to focus on exercise this week, I feel it’s worth sharing. The US has updated what used to be the food pyramid, suggesting consumers get more potassium. As I’m sure you already know, the average American can use a whole lot more of a whole lot of nutrients in their diets anyway. But, according to this study, even just focusing on increasing potassium can add a whopping $380 to your annual grocery bill.

It’s sad to know that better food costs more. Less preservatives (or no preservatives) means a short shelf-life, which means if your produce isn’t local that gas prices jack up the cost of already fleeting food. I just try to think about it as “$7.28 more a week now will mean I feel better and live longer.” Even more reason to try and eat what’s in season, buy local and hit up Farmers Markets.

It can be difficult to make the right choices when you’re broke (me all the time, thanks student loans) and you know Ramen is only $0.12, but I’d rather spend the money now to gain the results later.


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