Hello Hiking!

August 10, 2011

PhotobucketThis subject has so many possibilities of directions I could ramble in. For the sake of you, dear readers (all three of you) I will try to keep it somewhat focused. Although, I used to have a joke about hiking in my stand-up act that lead to a great joke about Facebook, but I’ll save that for another time.

I’ve always enjoyed hiking, but I prefer to call it walking, because that’s mostly what it is–just up and down hills and such. Anyway, recently I got to go hiking with my new neighbor Jessica and she told me about hiking through an entire guide book when she lived in Montana. “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?” is what my mind was screaming at me on the drive home. I’ve lived in this area forever, or at least my whole 24-year-old life, and I only know a few fun spots to go. They have books about this, and I could buy said books and go explore in my own county. AMAZING.

I’m going to do a bit more research and poking around before I choose my book, but my goal is to buy a book and hike every trail in it–one a week or so. In the mean time there are also a lot of online resources, so I can get started on this goal right away.

My favorite part about hiking is the fact it’s free! Sometimes you have to pay a couple bucks to park as a fee for State or Forest Service maintenance, but other than that you get beautiful sights and exercise for nothing other than your time.


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