Fitness Profile: John Elliott

August 12, 2011

PhotobucketThis week’s fitness profile is of an old high school classmate of mine, and by high school I mean kindergarten on. Anyway, John has been bodybuilding through weightlifting and was kind enough to give me an interview. My questions are in black, and his answers are blue. Enjoy:

You’ve been bodybuilding correct?

I’ve been a bodybuilder in the sense of the niche field it harbors in weightlifting. My lifetime goals centered around bodybuilding are to be healthy, strong, and happy. The bodybuilding style of weightlifting is what does that for me best.

How long have you been interested in bodybuilding?

I’ve been interested in weightlifting from a very early age. Around 16 yrs old I became interested in the bodybuilding niche for obvious reasons a 16yr old would get interested. In my High school’s gym, we had a lot of competition from good lifters, which further fueled weightlifting for me. I can remember racing to at least two school records with two different folks. We were unstoppable in our own minds., and pushed each other to the limits of our bodies.

What was your motivation to get started?

My first motivation came at an early age. The primary catalyst for my lifting occurred in my gym class when I was 12 years old. Our instructor had brought in some junior weight benches so that us students could learn how to lift. I
gave it a shot, bench-pressing 45lbs before all was said and done. When I got done, I started talking to my instructor about how much a person can lift. After some brief discussion he told me that some guys can lift up to 200lbs! I
didn’t believe it was true. At that point, in that little makeshift gym, I decided I would be one of those guys. Within a years time I was doing several hundred push-ups and crunches per day, I was running lots, and I was winning titles in wrestling.

Do you plan to compete?

At this point and time in my life I am pursuing a Degree in Physics and a Degree in Mathematics as well as managing several clients for a computer/network service I offer. Additionally I am doing research on a subject for my thesis involving a redefinition of the fundamental ideas of forces and time in the universe. I just don’t have the time to get into bodybuilding the way I’d like to. The sport of Bodybuilding demands that you focus most of your day on promoting muscle growth; it demands more than I can offer at this time. In the past I have competed locally and I do plan on returning to it some time in the near future.

What was your fitness routine like before you started?

For me, weightlifting and bodybuilding started so early I didn’t have much of a routine before. By 14 I was on a semi-regular routine.

What are your goals?

For me, my entire life focuses around maximizing my potential as a human. In regards to my goals and my lifting, it is a matter of physical health and wellness. I eat healthy, exercise regularly and perform activities that promote muscle development. The act of exercising is beneficial to my current studies as well. Beyond the hormonal stress relief from activities like bodybuilding and boxing, the increase in Testosterone generated by long term lifting increasing the efficiency of neural connectivity in the brain.

My life goals all wrap up in one package that can be summed up as, waking up everyday with the idea that I am going to go to bed better off than I woke up. I work on being faster, stronger, more eclectic, and smarter everyday.

What advice do you have for someone getting started in bodybuilding?

My advice is to get a hold of someone like me. Bodybuilding is 90% knowledge and 10% working out. Or better stated, 100% knowledge and the workout follows. After all, you only workout for how many minutes of the day, yet
your body is building muscle all day and night (if done right). But I can give some basics to get you out the door:

USE CAUTION at GNC – Supplement only with long term known products and do so to supplement your bodies nutritional needs, not replace hard work and time.


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  1. John Roark Says:

    Nice! A bit short though 🙂

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