Swimming, Not Just for Summer

August 13, 2011

PhotobucketI used to lap swim for my main form of cardio a few years ago. Swimming is amazing because it removes virtually all strain and stress from your joints. Plus, swimming works every muscle in your body and it’s a great way to rehab if you’ve got an injury. I also love that you don’t ever feel sweaty or hot as you do it. Right now, because it’s summer, it’s pretty easy to want to get out and enjoy the water, but what about the rest of the year?

Since I’ve had this blog I haven’t worked out in a gym once. I pride myself on being able to drop 100lbs+ without paying someone else to use their machines and run in place like a hamster on a wheel. But, this pride will soon come to an end. When the weather starts to turn and the rain falls for 10-months in a row, I plan to pay to use a swimming pool somewhere. I assure you this will not take place anywhere fancy: probably the YMCA, but come September, don’t be surprised if I post asking you all to call me Michelle Phelps.


Michelle Phelps, right?


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