Shopping Revisited

August 16, 2011

PhotobucketI’ve posted before about my shopping adventures, and honestly, most days it’s the same story. Pick out two or three sizes, take them all to the dressing room (or tiny room of shame) and see which size fits.

This weekend was no different. I was up in Portland visiting my friend Ashley P. and we stopped by Old Navy on a quest for shorts. After spending nearly 30-minutes rifling through the clearance section I found this skirt and decided to try it in sizes 14 and 16, but mentally preparing myself to need the 16 and feel disappointed.

However, the 16 was waaay too big, so I–assuming certain victory–tried on the 14 with excitement and pride. Did it fit? Technically yes, the top button fastened around my waist, but it hurt to exhale and was a bit short. WTF is with this sizing? After closer inspection of the skirt, it turns out the hanger size was incorrectly marked, and I had just squeezed myself into an 8. A size 8. I have never worn a single digit size as an adult.

I ended up going with a 10, which in non-Old Navy sizes is probably closer to a 12 or 14, but still a 10! Through this experience I also realized that it is very difficult to take a photo of yourself in a skirt, so please excuse the mirror-hanging-on-the-wall Myspaciness of this picture.


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